Wednesday, 31 March 2010

These are design ideas for a re-branding project we were given in the 1st semester of 2nd year. This was our first ever live client brief. We were briefed by Pearlfisher, a company that has re-branded brands such as Green and Blacks chocolate, Absolute Vodka, Famous Grouse whiskey, Stella Artois beer and Innocent smoothies for example.

This was a group project and for this brief we had to research brands that weren't doing so well, and come up with a way of re-branding them into being a beter company.

We chose Snapz. Snapz is a company that produces healthier crisps by substituting the potato crisps for parsnips and apples.

We aimed this product at kids to get them to start eating healthier crisps for their lunches. However, we felt the crisps wouldn't sell if they had 'HEALTHY' branded all over the packet design. We therefore decided to use different characters for the different flavours of crisps. The flavours were Daddy's Cheesy Beans, Grandma's Bramley Apple Pie, Granpa's Fish Finger Butties, Aunties Toffee Apple and Mummy's Sunday Dinner.

Below is some of my character designs.

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